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Introducing Invisible AirPods Straps

Compatible With All AirPods Models

Move Freely!

Never worry about losing your AirPods again while preserving their wireless purpose.
Made in USA.


Invisible AirPods (+Pro) Strap

★★★★★ 9 Reviews

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  • Compatible with AirPods Pro models as well.
  • Made of ultra strong yet imperceptible material with two heavy-duty silicone connectors.
  • Length: 2 feet. (Custom lengths available upon request.)
  • Comes in an Airgra® labeled case.
  • Free & standard shipping: 2-3 business days.
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  • Made in USA.


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Why Invisible AirPods Straps

Inspired by magicians, we created the Invisible AirPods Strap to protect our AirPods from loss and to keep them from falling off while preserving the very purpose of AirPods (unlike all other straps, which turn AirPods into corded earphones). We thought traditional straps killed the purpose of wireless earbuds. They were too obtrusive and bulky with their thick wires.

Less is more. Made of ultra strong yet imperceptible carbon material with low memory, and two heavy-duty silicone connectors, the Invisible AirPods Strap is smooth to the touch and slightly elastic.

Move freely! Never worry about losing your AirPods again. Shop Now.

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"Super strong and yet invisible!"

"Are you kidding me? This is genius."

"I literally forgot they [my AirPods] were attached to each other with these invisible straps. Smartest solution." 

"The best straps for AirPods, period."

About Airgra | Invisible AirPods Straps

The Invisible AirPods Straps protects all AirPods models from loss and from falling off, and keeps them together while preserving their wireless purpose (unlike all other straps, which turn AirPods into "corded" earphones).

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*Compatible with AirPods Pro as well.
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